15 Fashion Brands For Recycled And Upcycled Clothing

We love preloved!

In fact, we’d go so far as to say used clothes are the best clothes, which is why we always encourage checking thrift or consignment websites before buying new ones.

As more and more brands include social and environmentally responsible methods in their production cycles, sustainability has shown to be much more than just a buzzword: it has become key for the future of fashion.

If you’re not familiar with the upcycling fashion notion, it involves using pre-existing clothing, accessories or other items and restructuring them into new articles. There are many benefits to wearing upcycled pieces. Recycled clothing uses significantly fewer raw materials, decreasing the harmful impacts of fashion production—less water usage, fewer chemicals, and avoid contributing to landfill.

And don’t think for one minute that upcycled fashion compromises on style. Sure, some ‘artful’ looking brands are out there, but we’ve found a few fabulous fashion brands that upcycle, and they’re genuinely chic!


Brands based in USA / Canada:

Brands based in UK / Europe:

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