Deaf and hard of hearing children's drawings featured in NYC Sustainable Fashion show during Fashion

It's couture with a playful twist.

Photo by Olsi Beci

NYC Sustainable Fashion produced and hosted their first event, with four designers showcasing their collection during fashion week on the runway.

The Six Summit Gallery in Midtown Manhattan hosted the event, and it was perfect, filled with fabulous art from the New York Academy of Art.

Photo by Eddie Castro

Mirela Nurce, from Tonni'86, closed the show with her colourful drawings of flowers, suns, moons, faces and more — all artwork by hearing-impaired children in Albania — were transferred to high-end gowns and accessories as part of a recent fashion show to raise awareness and funds for children like themselves.

Photo by Eddie Castro

The pieces from the show are being sold, and profits will benefit the Deaf Pupils Institute in Tirana, Albania.

Nurce, the designer who made the gowns, called the children "great creators." "As an artist, I perfectly know what it is like to want to express yourself desperately, and you cannot," she said. "So, I saw this as a perfect way to make these little artists feel appreciated and important."

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