Most Of Majority Of Us Are Ashamed To Wear The Same Clothes Twice On Instagram

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Social media has been gradually taking over our days since it slid into our awareness years back.

One of the most popular ways to stay in touch and let others know what's going on in their lives is Instagram. Users can keep in touch with friends more and share a bit of themselves.

While Instagram is a fun tool for users, it can also troll others like other social networks. One in six young people even says that they don't feel they can wear an outfit again once seen on social media.

I've got to say, and I can relate to this or used to do so. When Facebook first came out all those years ago, we took photos of every night out. And I got "caught" wearing the same outfit two nights in a row (what? It was a great outfit, and I still wear the shirt to this day) because photos appeared on Facebook. It's hard to remember a time when everything you liked and ate wasn't documented on social media.

I recognise feeling a bit ashamed. I thought I'd get away with it because they were two separate groups of friends.

So, I see where these young shopaholics are coming from.

For many, photographing to show off an outfit has become a daily custom. Some have carved impressive careers from doing so, but at what cost? As it turns out, a financial one.

There is no shame in wearing clothes or outfits again - in fact, it is considered cool in sustainable fashion circles to do so. However, most are unaware of sustainable alternatives such as Oootd, which encourages people to share their old outfits every day to celebrate and normalise the outfit. Use or search 30Wear, a social media movement that promotes the same outfit repeat concept, as one of the sustainable fashion hashtags and trends you are looking at and participating in.

Now, I love repeating outfits, and I feel that is one way to improve our creativity. So when I'm not trying to revise something I already own, I browse consignment shops searching for new purchases to avoid repeating the outfits.

Don't underestimate the power of a small change to make an outfit look completely different. So next time you feel like you're wearing something you haven't worn in a while, use your favorite outfits and mix them to create an entirely new outfit from the exact pieces you already have.

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