NYC Sustainable Fashion Show at the Six Summit Gallery in the busiest bus station in the world.

NYC Sustainable Fashion had its big reveal Friday evening, September 10th, with its first fashion show featuring four designers. The show also highlights visual and performing artists.

During NYFW 2021, SSG and NYC Sustainable Fashion hosted a memorable fashion, art and music show with professors, graduates and students of Andy Warhol's prestigious New York Academy of Art in their galleries in Port Authority Bus Terminal the busiest bus station in the world.

Celebrating their 11th year, Six Summit Gallery curates galleries and venues in Chelsea, Port Authority Bus Terminal and Connecticut.

SSG also curates the most prominent art and fashion platform in New York, Los Angeles and Miami and facilitated the first gallery installation in Hudson Yards, the most expensive private real estate development in history, with The Compleat Sculptor, as well as Art Basel 2018 with SBE Hotels The Delano, Shore Club and SLS Lux and 2019 with Saks Fifth Avenue.

Six Summit Gallery also curates The Leo House in Chelsea founded in 1889 by Pope Leo XIII and was press guest at Metropolitan Museum of Art with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Anna Wintour, Donatella Versace in 2018.

The four designers showing on the runway are Walter Baker, known for fashion-forward, flirty dresses and touchy jackets at affordable prices.

Patricia NYC, who turns waste into beautiful things to wear. In fact, in most of her pieces, you can't tell what the recyclable material is. Instead, she has taken something and made it unrecognizable, which is her way of creating.

Hania New York, a luxury knitwear collection founded by Anya Cole in 2012, is hand-knit by craftswomen in New York City.

Tonni 86′ Couture, designed by Mirela Nurce, a fashion and prop designer well known in Albania and the Balkans region. Nurce's collection was shown along with Ailene Fields jewelry.

The fashion show was culturally stimulating with live performances from Prima Ballerina Katherine Barkman an American ballerina with The Washington Ballet, and an international guest principal dancer.

Regarded as one of the rising stars and role models of her generation, Katherine Barkman has been widely praised for her impeccable technique, effortless buoyancy, remarkable balances, and the creative passion she munificently infuses into every role she portrays on stage.

Performance by - Oda Quartet NYC

One of the alchemies of music is that four is the most intimate number.

Perhaps because it echoes the mysterious privacy of the family unit, a string quartet somehow radiates greater intensity than a solo or duet.

Oda Quartet performs as four individually acclaimed artists: Ergin Oda – Baritone, Gjilberta Lucaj Cohen – Cello, Joana Kaimi – Violin, Yasuhiko Fukuoka – Piano. Oda Quartet aims to reach a global audience with the vision of including worldwide genres and cultures, presenting them through a diverse musical language. The versatile style of their renditions and new compositions makes this a very unique group in the genre of a new age and world music.

The backbone of our and every other fashion show is the makeup and hairstyle team, and for this season, we have partnered with talented artists @namani_mua team & @namanibeauty .

Photography by Olsi Beci and Angel Veléz

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