Patrizia NYC: distinctive, surprising, must have jewelry

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Combining ethics with aesthetics,

Patrizia NYC jewels have a unique New York edge paired with elegant Italian style.

The brand is committed to sustainability using repurposed, found materials, ethically sourced metals and stones, with truly international sophistication. Designed for a woman who is as worldly as she is aware of ecological impact, as audacious as she is playful.

Her line pairs recycled material with metals and precious stones. She's taking other's trash and turn it into wearable art. She's helping the environment by having fun and experimenting with waste.

Other extraordinary pieces are made of melded contact lens containers with pearls, in what she dubbed the Eye Collection. These are limited edition because the circular-shaped containers are being replaced with rectangular ones. Patrizia is currently working on a new line and building a piece of gold for the Gala.

With most of Patrizia's pieces, you can't even tell what the recyclable material is. Instead, she has taken something and made it unrecognizable, which is her way of playing.

Photos by Angel Velez

Check out Patrizia's Website and Instagram

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