Sustainability Pulse #3

Sustainability Trends & News Worth Exploring — July 26

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And welcome back to another Sustainability Pulse! We truly hope your weekend has been relaxing and renewing as we continue to sail through a new week.

Sustainability Pulse was born out of a deep love for sustainability and sharing information. For years, we have been doing deep dives and recommending things to each other, so we figured we'd use these weekly posts to share our finds with others in a format that feels light and personal.

This past week, we've been converging on new reports showing how most companies use greenwashing to include sustainability. As well as how customers and policymakers begin to scrutinize plastic's effect on the planet more closely, synthetics could prove to be the industry's following significant responsibility and barrier... We all need a win, especially the earth, and it's important to remind ourselves of the goodness surrounding us.

Ask Gen Z: a beginner's guide to sustainable fashion

When it comes to talking about sustainable fashion and ethical practices......Perhaps we should be looking towards the younger generation and the insight they can offer! Particularly Gen Z-ers, born between 1997 and 2012, are a generation known for 'leading the charge against some of the most pressing matters of our time.'

They continually show how opting for sustainable clothing choices doesn't mean compromising on style. It's about buying smarter and kinder with a bigger emphasis on doing better and accepting it won't be a perfect journey.

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Madewell and ThredUp Advance Their Partnership

Madewell Forever is the latest of the brand's sustainability initiatives;

to-date, the company has diverted over 500 tons of denim waste from landfills through its existing trade-in programme, the company said in a media release.

The new resale program, called Madewell Forever, launches today and represents an ambitious progression from an earlier collaboration between the two companies.

"It's exciting to see a beloved brand like Madewell working to extend the life of their clothes and commit to a more circular fashion future," says James Reinhart, ThredUp co-founder and CEO. "Together, we are not only helping Madewell take steps towards their sustainability goals, but also furthering ThredUp's mission to inspire a new generation of consumers to think second-hand first."

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Designing a More Circular Future

Levi's has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Jeans Redesign as their report on the first two years of learning also launches.

Creating circular products is nothing new to Levi's. Still, it is something that they're are committed to work with other like-minded brands and supply chain actors to scale because, as we always like to say, eco-activism is a group effort.

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New York Times has a new division: The Climate Hub

Check out The New Division created the brand for The New York Times Climate Hub, and their sister company code & conspire made the site.

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