What Makes A Fashion Brand Ethical?

For a brand that calls itself sustainable, there is controversy over the frequent use of the concept in fashion, as it is often interchangeable with labels such as "slow" or "sustainable" fashion, which is an oxymoron.

Clothes Are Made From Ethical Materials

Many brands produce cheap disposable fashion that lasts no longer than one season. Others use fabrics made from non-renewable petroleum-based products that quickly wear and do not biodegrade for centuries.

If you are like us, you cannot allow these factors to stand in the way of an established clothing brand that cares about people and the environment. In a perfect world, we would all be supplied with high-quality, natural materials, milled locally, sourced sustainably and competing for the lowest prices.

Ethical Fashion Brands Treat Their Workers Well

The ethical aspect of clothing making is an alternative approach to the way clothes are made from design, manufacturing, distribution and purchasing. In a perfect world, brands would take human rights, animal welfare and environmental impact into account at every stage of the design process and throughout the supply chain. In addition, if an ethical fashion brand is known for its workers and can check how its factories are run, it is likely to be transparent and energy-efficient.

Ethical sourcing is a crucial principle of corporate social responsibility in the fashion industry. It ensures fashion brands are committed to playing their part in caring for the people who make their garments and the planet. Still, others employ cost-cutting manufacturers who outsource production to sweatshops with abysmal working conditions and poverty wages.

Do Your Research

Sustainable fashion is created by designer brands that follow sustainable practices in producing their collections. Ethical fashion concerns a brand or label's social impact and ethics, but the term "ethics" can be vague. This is why we suggest watching videos, blog posts, and other information about how an ethical fashion brand selects its factories and suppliers to see if it is calling people through its supply chain.

However, there are comparison sites such as the ranking of brands, which are the best thing you can do to compare fashion brands and their sustainability record, and they can at least give consumers a hint. While we are currently working on our NYC Sustainable Fashion Certification, we suggest you check out these websites:

Sustainable Brand Index™ is Europe's largest brand study on sustainability, and

Slow fashion is the exact opposite of fast fashion and focuses on making garments that have quality and longevity in mind. As the name implies, ethical fashion brands operate within a closed-loop system, following a circular production line or a linear, disposable model. This means that they design, manufacture and distribute their clothes in a way that consumes minimal resources and produces minimal waste.

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