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Global Trends In Sustainability

With the global population estimated to reach nine billion people by 2030, nature will struggle to meet human demands like never before.

Consumers are becoming more mindful of their purchases and are seeking awareness of where their clothes come from.

As a result, garment companies are transforming their operating practices or business models to improve transparency about their manufacturing process and standards.

Sustainable fashion is a design philosophy and action that promotes environmental and social responsibility.


Sustainable fashion is defined as clothing, shoes, and other accessories manufactured and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account environmental and socioeconomic factors.

What Does Sustainable Fashion Mean?
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As of 2021, NYC Sustainable Fashion introduced a 2021-2025 Sustainability Plan that sets out to spark long-term change within the fashion industry. To deliver on our concept to become a leading sustainable fashion event production, the Sustainability Action Plan introduces a minimum set of criteria that all show schedule brands must agree with.

Strategic Direction for NYC Sustainable Fashion and Partners

Minimum standards

  • We work strategically with planting sustainability and international standards on human rights, environment and climate into our company

  • We include variety and equality in our administration strategy and actively consider these aspects when hiring staff, especially for management positions

  • We do not destroy unsold garments


Additional actions towards reaching your sustainability goals

  • You report on your sustainability objects and rate openly and transparently

  • Circularity is rooted in your approach through adopting a whole life cycle attitude of your product, for example, explicit mention of circular material flows for collections

  • You offer your buyers resale, rental have online and in-store take back schemes in place

  • You provide free repair services to our customers

  • You promote and invest in land rehabilitation to reverse climate change and protect biodiversity, for example, tree planting linked directly to sales



Minimum standards

  • You design to increase the quality and value of your products economically and materially and inform your customers about this

  • You repurpose samples or have digitized this process

Additional actions to earn points

  • Your design approach connects the product’s intended use with appropriate material choices and end-of-use considerations.

  • Your products are designed to reduce the environmental impact in the use phase by focusing on functionality, durability and classic designs that allow for repair and recycling.

  • You upcycle leftover fabrics or have a plan for leftovers and production scraps.

  • Your design approach eliminates waste in the production process.

  • Your design uses innovative technologies, e.g. 3D printers and lasers.

  • Your design approach considers body inclusivity.



Smart Material Choices

Minimum standards:

  • At least 50% of your materials are certified (e.g., Fairtrade, cradle-to-cradle), organic, upcycled or recycled.



Working Conditions

Minimum standards:

  • According to global criteria on labor rights, we are committed to sourcing responsibly. We work with our suppliers to ensure, e.g. freely chosen employment, secure employment, no child labor, safe and healthy working conditions.

  • We are dedicated to running a safe, healthy and respectful working environment for all our representatives, free from discrimination and enjoying equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, political/religious/sexual orientation


Additional steps to earn points:

  • You exercise due diligence in your value chain, including the supply chain, to ensure respect for human rights, adherence to the International Labor Organization’s core conventions and combating bribery.

  • You actively promote gender equality and diversity in your actions.

  • You operate a gender-sensitive supplier engagement program, focused on eliminating harassment and discrimination against women in your supply chain.

  • You educate your employees on social and environmental sustainability by offering mandatory training programs. 

  • You monitor real wage growth in supplier factories and work accidents.


Consumer Engagement

Minimum standards:

  • Your in-store staff is well informed about our sustainability strategy.

  • You educate and advise your buyers about sustainable methods on multiple platforms

Additional steps to earn points:

  • You repair or redesign products.

  • You offer rental, leasing, resell and sharing services to your clients.

  • You resell used products to prolong their life.

  • You offer a takeback scheme to your customers.

  • You offer classes or instructional material to our customers, e.g. product repair.

  • Your product tags incorporate clear care instructions featuring washing, caring, mending, drying, repairing, recycling and disposal.

  • You offer your customers the opportunity to co-create products.




Minimum standards:

  • Our set plan is zero waste by 2025

  • We balance the carbon footprint of our show

  • All food and beverages are provided in recycled /recyclable packaging, including cutlery and straws.


Additional actions to earn points:

  • We decide our partners, sponsors and suppliers based on their sustainability outline

  • We compensate by engaging in actions to offset the carbon emissions of our shows/presentations

  • Our makeup and hair professionals use natural/ organic products

  • We send out digital instead of paper invites